Ethics Resources

Online and Social Media

  • The IU Center for Bioethics archives previous talks at the Center and by our faculty on our YouTube channel, here.
  • The Center (@IUCB) sends Tweets about upcoming talks in bioethics and related topics with hashtag #IUCBTalks. This includes talks at the Center and available for viewing online.
  • Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages, with news about bioethics, medicine, and the Center.


The IU Center for Bioethics offers free, confidential consultation on issues in bioethics. 

Speakers Series

The center takes advantage of its multidisciplinary staff and affiliated faculty to produce speakes series aimed to explore perspectives and involve the community at large. 

Bioethics and Race

Current events have reminded us of the importance of racial disparities in our society. The IU Center of Bioethics is committed to racial and social justice and is collecting resources and offering a series discussing race and bioethics. Click here for more information.

Dr. William S. Silvers Holocaust, Genoicde, and Contemporary Bioethics Lectureship

The IU School of Medicine and IU Center for Bioethics are pleased to host theDr. William S. Silvers Holocaust, Genocide, and Contemporary Bioethics Lectureship.  The Silvers lectureship addresses bioethical issues raised by the Holocaust and other cases of genocide.  Funding for this lectureship was provided by Dr. Silvers, a graduate of IU School of Medicine and a faculty member for over 30 years at University of Colorado School of Medicine. For more information, click here.